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Compression Springs
Compression Springs
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Extension Springs
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Torsion Springs

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Determine Torsion spring Rate and Free angle from two torques or loads

Beta Test
NOTE: Calculations are independent of units. e.g. if you use english units then the results are in english units, etc.
Use angles > 360 if more than 1 rotation.
LOAD SET #1 Torque #1 Angle #1
Angle between legs
LOAD SET #2 Torque #2 Angle #2
Angle #1 plus degrees rotated

These calculators are intended as a convenience for engineers who understand the principles involved and are capable of making independent judgements. There is no gurantee that the springs you design here will function as expected. There is no attempt here to make judgements or allowances for material or dimensional tolereances. You need to test anything you design here in your application to make sure that it functions and that it will be safe over time. We will not be responsible for design errors or spring failures or other problems with your application.  

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